Enumeration Members

blockedFromRunning: "blockedFromRunning"

The SDK was remotely blocked from running.

invalidPublishableKey: "invalidPublishableKey"

The publishable key is invalid.

locationMocked: "location.mocked"

The user enabled mock location app while mocking locations is prohibited.

locationServicesDisabled: "location.servicesDisabled"

The user disabled location services systemwide.

locationServicesUnavailable: "location.servicesUnavailable"

[Android only] The device doesn't have location services.

locationSignalLost: "location.signalLost"

GPS satellites are not in view.

noExemptionFromBackgroundStartRestrictions: "noExemptionFromBackgroundStartRestrictions"

[Android only] The SDK wasn't able to start tracking because of the limitations imposed by the OS. The exempt from background execution conditions weren't met. https://developer.android.com/guide/components/foreground-services#background-start-restriction-exemptions

permissionsLocationDenied: "permissions.location.denied"

The user denied location permissions.

permissionsLocationInsufficientForBackground: "permissions.location.insufficientForBackground"

Can’t start tracking in background with When In Use location permissions. SDK will automatically start tracking when app will return to foreground.

permissionsLocationNotDetermined: "permissions.location.notDetermined"

[iOS only] The user has not chosen whether the app can use location services.

permissionsLocationProvisional: "permissions.location.provisional"

[iOS only] The app is in Provisional Always authorization state, which stops sending locations when app is in background.

permissionsLocationReducedAccuracy: "permissions.location.reducedAccuracy"

The user didn't grant precise location permissions or downgraded permissions to imprecise.

permissionsLocationRestricted: "permissions.location.restricted"

[iOS only] The app is not authorized to use location services.

permissionsNotificationsDenied: "permissions.notifications.denied"

[Android only] The user denied notification permissions needed to display a persistent notification needed for foreground location tracking.