HyperTrack React Native SDK API - v11.0.10

React Native HyperTrack SDK

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HyperTrack lets you add live location tracking to your mobile app. Live location is made available along with ongoing activity, tracking controls and tracking outage with reasons.

React Native HyperTrack SDK is a wrapper around native iOS and Android SDKs that allows to integrate HyperTrack into React Native apps.

For information about how to get started with React Native HyperTrack SDK, please check this Guide.


yarn add hypertrack-sdk-react-native

Sample code

Quickstart React Native app

Wrapper API Documentation

Wrapper API Documentation



  • Gradle version 6.7.1+
  • compileSdkVersion 31+
  • minSdkVersion 19+


  • iOS version 12.4+


If you want to contribute check CONTRIBUTING.md